Why can massage hurt so much?


You’ve got a sore shoulder, so you are looking forward to your massage. You’re lying down on the table, getting nice and comfy about to drift off to sleep.. until you feel a sharp pain radiating down your arm! Chances are your therapist just hit a Trigger Point.

What is a Trigger Point?
Have you ever placed your thumb on a very tender area that feels like a ‘knot’ with pain travelling up or down from that spot you’re pressing? That’s a trigger point.
There is a soft tissue fibre called myofascia that covers our muscles. When we overuse or stress the myofascia it can tear and adhere together creating a ‘trigger point’ that can prevent the muscles from moving well. This restricts our normal movement increasing discomfort and muscle tenderness. Trigger points that have been there for some time can radiate pain that can be felt in other muscles; this is due to the crossed nerve paths linked to muscles that the trigger point may be pressing on the nerve.

Does the Pain go?
Yes! You are not in pain forever, but bare with us as it can be painful to start but as the treatment goes on the pain starts to ease as the muscle opens and relaxes. It may not heal straight away so you may have to get a follow up massage and do some home care to help it.

How to ease Trigger Point pain.
– Heat on the affected muscle
– Rolling a Spiky ball/ Tennis ball on the area
– Stretching
– REST! Try not to do anything that causes the pain to get worse
-Get a massage. Don’t sit in pain, get it fixed!

Now you know why you hurt so much during a massage. If the pain gets too much to handle, tell your therapist to back off the pressure. We don’t want to damage the area.

See you all in the massage room soon!

Stef 🙂

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