What can be done in a 30 minutes massage?

We have officially opened in Dromana! With the fixture of excitement and nerves, I am talking to everyone that comes across my path, spreading the word on the amazing benefits of massage. However, one question gets asked by nearly every second person that I wish to address; What can be done in a 30 minute massages?

Ok, obviously we can not do a full body massage in 30 minutes, thats just not possible.

So that brings us down to certain areas of the body. 30 minute massages are good for areas of pain and tension such as your back neck and shoulders. If you have a specific complaint like a headache or shooting pain down your leg, then 30 minutes is plenty of time to address that issue, without over working or fatiguing the muscles.

If you are unsure as to how long you will need for your massage then ask! Just say what you are experiencing, when you done it and how long you’ve been feeling the pain for and we can work out the best appointment to suit you. It is a common question I get asked so don’t be afraid.

To conclude…  30 minutes = certain areas of tension. 60 minutes = full body or a number of muscle complaints. 24 hour massage = not ever!!!

Hope to see you in the massage room soon 🙂

With healing hands,