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The baby is born! This is an exciting moment in the new mothers life, with bonding, nurturing and caring for your new bundle of joy but also a relief to finally have them in your arms. This is also an important time for mum, as the body starts to return back to its pre-pregnancy form, as well as adapt to the changes the body has made to support and feed the baby.

Postnatal massage helps the body to rebalance after birth; assist in regulating hormones, ease tightened muscles due to the later stages of pregnancy and labour as well as calm any emotional stress.

 A well mum equals a well baby...

A well mum equals a well baby...

Some frequently asked questions with answers related to postnatal care massage…

A postnatal massage can be received 24 hours after the birth of the baby. This is an important time where the body starts to return to pre-pregnancy form. Massage will help to ease the post labour pains as well as help the women process the birth.

NOTE: In some cases, such as a caesarean section, you maybe asked to have written consent from your doctor, obstetrician or midwife to ensure that you are allowed to get a massage. This is just so that we know the massage will not cause you any more discomfort.

Of course you can! Bring the pram, capsule, blankets, toys whatever you may need, but know babies are always welcome!

Massage is a wonderful time to relax, not only for the mother but also for the baby as the rooms atmosphere is calm.  To make is easier if you are bringing your baby, we recommend you feed your baby prior to the visit. This will ensure the baby is settled and relaxed so you can enjoy your massage without worrying about the baby.