Massage and Sleep


Sleep is a vital part of our being. Not only to rest our mind but to allow theĀ body to process memory, restore and repair. However not everyone experiences a rested sleep. For many reasons, mentally and physically; a lot of people experience restless sleep and insomnia.

So can massage help you sleep? Due to massage effect on the sympathetic nervous system, your body relaxes allowing stress tension to ease from tight muscles. Massage influences the bodys production of serotonin which is needed to produce melatonin, the chemical that helps control your sleep and wake cycle. This is usually why you feel drowsy and need a nap after you have a massage.

It should be known that massage is not the cure from sleep disorders, but it can definitely assist in relaxing and de-stressing your body which is result can help you drift off to sleep

Let Inner Healing Massage help you drift off to sleep…