Let me introduce Inner Healing to you…

My passion for helping people has grown since becoming a massage therapist. I see people come in with clear discomfort when they walk, guarding their posture and a low tone of voice. After just an hour, they leave with a smile, their tone of voice has energy and they walk with a spring in their step. That there is the reason I love my job! Knowing that I have made a difference to someone and have brightened their day warms my heart.

Inner Healing Massage is not just a business to me, it is me in a nutshell. My aim to ever person that sees me is to connect them both physically and emotionally with not only their muscles but their whole body. The first step of healing is body awareness. Knowing your body, what causes discomfort and what eases it is only just a small piece of full body awareness.

Of course this does not happen over night, but with continuing care and Inner Healing Massages knowledge guiding you each step of the way, we can get your muscles back to optimum health. Whether it be easing muscle tension, relaxation for the mum to be or simply just you time, we are their to help in ever way.

So to get you feeling great, to bring you back to less pain. Come and see me 🙂

With healing hands,