Have you felt the affects of RSI?

In an age where we use our thumb to swipe up and down on our phones, type away on our keyboards, work more hours on machinery using the same repetitive motion 8 or more hours a day, it is no wondering more and more people are presenting with RSI ( Repetitive Strain Injury). RSI occurs when the same motion is used repeatedly causing inflammation and damage to the muscles, tendons and nerves most commonly felt in the arm and hand.

Symptoms include
– Weakness and lack of strength to the arm/hand (hard to lift of make a fist)
– Burning, shooting pain with constant ache
– Numbness – Throbbing sensation
If not treated early, RSI can become chronic and hard to manage. This results in constant stiffness and pain making it difficult to continue everyday tasks as well as hard to work. This is due to the muscles becoming inflamed, nerves being compressed and joint stiffness.
Treatment for RSI includes
– Resting the area (taking some time for the area to heal)
– Massage to ease inflammation and gently stretching the muscles of the affected area
– Dry needling – Gentle strengthening exercises – Ice and Heat packs
– Stretches

For chronic stages of RSI, anti inflammatory medication may be prescribed, steroid injections to inflamed areas and in major cases, surgery.