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Experience Inner Healing!

Inner Healing Massage is a South East Melbourne based, experienced and professional Remedial Massage therapy, striving to offer treatment to those of all ages, specialising in Pregnancy Massage.

Relieving tension, pain and assisting the body to achieve maximum muscular health are important to us. Not only has massage therapy been proven to assist in rehabilitating the physical body, it also naturally balances emotional and mental clarity. From treating a number of people over the years, this has become apparent that regular massage treatments improve quality of life.

As a Practitioner of Pregnancy Massage, Stefanie has been trained in the proper safety and care for treating all pregnancies and conditions; both physical and emotional aspects, through first to third trimester, labour care and postnatally. With this knowledge, we are able to work out a personal massage plan suited for the pregnant women.

pregnancy massage

for baby & body

treat injury

regain mobility

rejuvinate and


Connecting mind body and spirit

through the healing hands of massage

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